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Meet Our Staff: Shana – Site Coordinator

Meet Our Staff: Shana – Site Coordinator
We are featuring our volunteers, staff members, and board members in our newsletter every month. Meet our staff and get to know us!
This month, we would like you to meet our site coordinator, Shana Myers


What is your role at AFS?
I am the Site Coordinator for APLA Vance North Necessities of Life Program (N.O.L.P) and also manage day-to-day operations at AFS. I have been working at AFS since Nov 2018.

What is your drive for working at AFS?
My main drive is to not only provide my wonderful clients with weekly groceries, but also to have them leave AFS with a positive experience. Whether it was a short conversation, a hug, a laugh, or even acknowledging them as people, especially in time where that isn’t always valued.

What is your comfort food or favorite food to cook at home?
My go-to food is potatoes lol. 🥔 I love anything potato-related, though as of late I watch my portion size. I love to look in my fridge/cabinet and come up with something from what I have.

What animal do you consider as your spirit animal?
I consider my spirit animal a Dolphin 🐬🐬🐬 because I feel we are similar. I am a water sign and thrive in water, I am very playful, have a high-pitched voice lol, and also enjoy helping others which dolphins are known to do with humans.

Tell us something we don’t know about you!
I used to have many many many nicknames, but my favorite nicknames are Ladybug and Squeaky.